Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates

Appendix 2 - Electronic Endorsement Codes

Electronic Endorsements that force an electronic claim to be processed from paper by keyer (Must be included in the electronic message AND on paper to ensure correct payment)

Endorsement Description Paper Code Electronic Code
Additional Item ADD ADD
Broken Bulk Claim BB BBC
Extemporaneous Preparation EXT EXT
Instalment Dispensing   IRX
Limited Life LL LLP
Measured and Fitted F MAF
Made To Measure M MTM
Manufacturer Import License and Batch Number   MIL & BAN
Not Collected NC INC
Not Dispensed ND IND
Order Number   ORD
Other   OTH
Prescriber Contacted PC PCO
Prescriber not contacted (patient medical record) PMR PMR
Out of Pocket Expenses XP OXP
Short Supply SHS SHS
Special Price Endorsement SP SPE
Urgent Dispensing URG URG

Electronic Endorsements below may be auto-generated by your PMR (Not required to be applied by the user)

  Paper Code Electronic Code
Packsize   PSZ
Quantity supplied Q QSP
Manufacturer   MAN
Brand   BRD