Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates

Appendix 3 - Checking the Electronic Claim Data - XML

Extendible Markup Language (XML) is a set of rules for encoding documents in machine-readable form which makes it possible to view the content of an electronic claim message on your PMR system. The message shows all of the data that is sent to PSD including both the prescribed and dispensed information. The dispensed item part of the message includes the name of the dispensed item, the dm+d code, the quantity dispensed and any additional electronic endorsements applied. If printed, the XML message is typically seven A4 pages long for a three item prescription. It is structured as follows:

  • Prescriber Details
  • Dispenser Details
  • Patient Information
  • Prescribed Item 1
  • Dispensed Item 1
  • Prescribed Item 2
  • Dispensed Item 2
  • Prescribed Item 3
  • Dispensed Item 3
  • Patient/Rep/Paid information

Note each prescribed item can have one or more dispensed items associated with it in the XML message. Therefore below each prescribed message you will always see a dispensed item that has an associated dispensed item ID of 1 e.g. prescribed item ID 1, associated dispensed item ID 1, prescribed item ID 2 associated dispensed item ID 1 etc.

Your IM&T facilitator can show you how to view an XML claim message.