Endorsing guide

(v1.10) Updated: 2 January 2016, see all updates

Appendix 6 - Reimbursement for Specials

Please Note – All relevant endorsing information requires to be added both electronically and on the paper prescription form.

For guidance on paper & electronic endorsing - Please refer to Section

More information on amendments to drug tariffs is available to download from the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates website. 

Download the guide to drug tariff changes (PDF 258 KB) (external link)

For Products included in Part 7S

1. Prices for a number of commonly used specials have been added to the Drug

2. The price has been set at a level which is expected to cover out of pocket expenses unless exceptional circumstances occur (see Point 5).

3. No separate fees (including out of pocket expenses) will be paid.

4. The prices will be reviewed quarterly.

5. In exceptional circumstances, where next day dispensing is considered to be necessary and this will result in additional costs, then preauthorisation must be obtained from the NHS Board. Claims for these additional expenses should be submitted on the PSD claim form provided.

For Products not included in Part 7S and Part 7U 

1. Items available from any NHS manufacturing unit in Scotland/England/Wales do not require pre-authorisation.

2. Full payment for specials not listed in Part 7S, items not available from an NHS manufacturing unit and imported unlicensed medicines will only be made where pre-authorisation has been obtained from the NHS Board.  Pre-authorisation will normally last for 12 months when the cost of the product does not vary by more than 20%.

3. Payment for specials not listed in Part 7S or imported unlicensed medicines will be made on the basis of the price endorsed using SP.  The price endorsed should be invoice price less any discount or rebate obtained.

4. Dispensing of these items will attract a fixed handling charge for contractors of £30 which should be endorsed on paper and electronically as “hc 3000”.

5. Any additional out of pocket expenses or wholesaler handling charges should be endorsed on paper and electronically as “pp” with the appropriate value entered in 'pence'.

6. Contractors are asked to supply supporting information (e.g. invoice) to Practitioner Services.

For All Special Preparations and Unlicensed Imported Products

1. All items dispensed will be treated as Zero Discount items.

2. Contractors are asked to keep records of supplies made for 5 years.