Detailing information relating to all payments being made for the relevant month.

Overview of an eSchedule

A brief description of all reports contained within the eSchedule.

Download the eSchedule overview (PDF 137KB)

eSchedule address mandate

eSchedules are emailed to all dispensing contractors on a monthly basis after the provision of a signed mandate.

The dispensing contractor must alert Practitioner Services if there is a change to the email address provided.

Download the eSchedule address mandate (PDF 12.8KB)

Contact us 

Contact details for eSchedule and payment enquiries. 

Download our contacts list (PDF 68.6KB)

Adjustment, Supplementary and Service payments glossary

A glossary of codes and their meaning.

Download the glossary (PDF 50.6KB)

Payment Calculations

An explanation of the calculations used in the eSchedule.

Download details of the calculations (PDF 25KB)