Universal Claim Framework (FAQS)

Supporting implementation of pharmacy-led services in Community Pharmacy.

Supporting implementation of pharmacy-led services in Community Pharmacy.

Which forms do I use?

You should continue to use CP2/3 and CPUS forms until your PMR system has been updated. Once this has been done then you should use the CP4/3 forms in support of pharmacy-led services.

When will I get the CP4/3 forms?

You will receive your forms in advance of your PMR UCF software update.

When should I start using the CP4/3 form?

You should start to use the CP4/3 forms once the PMR software has been updated and UCF has been enabled.

What should I do with the CP2/3 forms once I start using the CP4/3 forms?

You should destroy your CP2/3 forms.

What, if any, additional changes does UCF deliver?

UCF also includes improvements and changes to MAS.  MAS will now be an electronic claims only service.  This means that it is important, as part of your housekeeping arrangements,to make sure all MAS claims are successfully sent electronically. There will be no reimbursement from the paper form. 

UCF also includes functionality that allows MAS claims where a CHI is not known to be submitted for payment. This will happen after 7 days utilising a dummy CHI number added automatically by the PMR system.

You will no longer need to add the code 99996 to any of the services, such as the Gluten Free Food Service or Smoking Cessation Service, as the relevant GP practice is printed automatically where required. 

What if I have issues with my PMR?

You should contact your PMR helpdesk if you have issues.

What information / guidance will be provided?

PMR suppliers will be updating their User Guides to provide guidance when supporting Universal Claims Framework services.

Will I need new hardware?

Existing hardware will support the introduction of Universal Claims Framework. 

Is there any additional information I need to add as part of UCF?

The GP practice code (not the GP prescriber code as is currently required on CPUS forms) will be required for the Unscheduled Care PGD, UTI, impetigo and varenicline supply. If you do not know the practice code then you must look it up using the GP practice list available at https://www.communitypharmacy.scot.nhs.uk/unscheduled-care/ and add it to the patient’s PMR record and the electronic claim message.  Once you have done this, the GP practice details will be recorded in your PMR system to support notification to the GP practice where required.

Has the Unscheduled Care PGD been updated to reflect UCF?

Yes the latest version of the NHS 24 Unscheduled Care PGD has been updated to reflect these changes and refers to the use of CP4/3 forms.

What forms should I send to Practitioner Services?

The printed output will indicate whether the form should be send to Practitioner Services as part of the monthly / bi-monthly submission.

What information should I put on my GP34 form?

There is no requirement to add UCF items to the GP34 item count. UCF forms submitted to Practitioners Services should be included in the GP34 form count.

How can I claim if the service is not listed as a UCF service?

A paper CPUS form should be used to submit a claim for item re-imbursement

How can I cancel a UCF claim after the 14 day period?

A claim amendment form should be completed and sent to P&CFS Pharmacy Payments to allow a correction to be made.

Where can I get further information on what is required for each of the UCF services such as whether the form needs to be printed and/or sent to the GP practice or CHI is mandated?

Further information has been collated and is available in this table.